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PRagency is a communications consulting firm based in Paris, we intervene wherever you need.

Spokojny Consulting Bureau offers you a one-stop agency to assist you in clearly defining the optimum positioning of your brand or project, accompany you in developing it from idea to reality.

Thanks to our multitude of specialities, Spokojny Consulting is extremely versatile and can offer you specifically adapted consulting depending on your specific needs and target markets. We offer strategic and operational consulting for all markets: B2B, B2C, digital marketing (website, social media, buzz), advertising campaigns (online and offline), editing, etc.

The strength of the Spokojny Consulting Bureau lies in our commitment to offer you customised consulting, tailored to your specific requirements, flexible and creative, thanks to our extensive experience in the areas of Marketing, Communication and Promotion. Spokojny Consulting argues that an effective communications department is not only possible to achieve, but essential to ensure the development of any brand, regardless of the type of brand or project.

Venues, events, brands, tourist destinations, products … no plan, and no territories are excluded, it’s all about finding the best adapted strategy and positioning.

Whether your field is tourism, air transportation, insurance, retail, culture, entertainment, to name but a few, Spokojny Consulting will bring together the expertise of the Bureau and its partners, to offer you the optimum strategy for your brand.





Spokojny Consulting

3 rue Chanez 75016 Paris